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A New look on your bathtub give it continuity  and beauty to your bathroom.  A typical project includes this steps:

Choosing the right bathtub Refinisher can save you  time and money.

The Refinishing Process take 2-3 hours and ready to use  in 24 hours.

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  • papering tub surrounding Areas
  • stripping old Glaze if this is the case
  • cleaning (industrial and solvents)
  • Correct minor imperfections
  • sanding to a smooth surface
  • wiping clean
  • bonding agent
  • finish with high quality Acrylic Urethane Resin.

Bathtub Resurface

Durable Glaze for Bathtubs, tile walls and sinks

Brooklyn, Queens, New York City, Bronx, Long Island

Our Technicians are fully trained and  to use high quality products in this Industry.

Solvents and Industrial cleaners are involved. 

All of our techs use modern equipment and techniques to complete the refinishing Process including ventilation systems as well.

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