UR Bathtub  Resurface  Inc.        

UR Bathtub  Resurface  Inc.        

      the best reglazing system             

Bathtub refinishing also known as bathtub resurfacing, bathtub reglazing or bathtub re-enameling is the process of refreshing the surface of a worn, damaged bathtub to a like-new condition. This process typically involves repairing any damaged areas. Chips or cracks are repaired using Bondo or another type of polyester putty. After repairs are made the surface is prepped with an acid etching, some new refinishing processes do not require the use of etching. After preparing the surface primer is applied, followed by a top coat. Generally, a synthetic white coating is applied, but the coating does not have the durability or abrasive tolerance of the original glass-enamel coating of a factory-new bathtub.

Coatings used to create a new bathtub finish can be epoxies, urethanes, or polymers. These coatings may be rolled, brushed, or sprayed on.

Bathtub refinishing is possible using DIY kits from hardware stores, but some may choose a professional service company offering refinishing services.

 We use use the best  product in the market , No call backs for chipping or peeling coating is our goal.
Our Reglazing System is simple and the result is  a  high gloss  and a Durable Coat for Years.

 We'll professionally prep and refinish your fixture.
 We also change the color for your tile walls, bathtubs, and sinks.               

    We have technicians working in your area. Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and
Long Island. 

  * Save 70-80% on replacing   * All work is Guaranteed!


Professional, fast, honest, reliable.

Call us Now, We ca give you an affordable price for reglazing your fixture. !


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